Throughout the years, Prof. Andreu Palou and other members of the group have received a great variety of prizes in the field of science and education. Here you can find some of these prizes awarded in the last 10 years.


First prize for the best article in popular science, for ‘Are you "skinny fat"? Appearances are misleading, biomarkers are not’.

III Scientific Dissemination Contest of the UIB.

García C, Bibiloni P, Oliver P, Sánchez J.

First prize of the jury and doctoral students for the best poster in the area of health sciences, for "The urinary 1H-NMR metabolic profile of neonates reflects maternal obesity".

IX Doctoral Conference and the IV Conference of Dissemination of Group 9 of Universities.

Pere Bibiloni Coll.


First prize for the best oral communication for "Maternal diet modulates the profile of microRNAs in milk".

I Congress of Young Researchers in Nutrition (COJIIN).

Alonso-Bernáldez M, Asensio A, Sánchez J, Palou A, Palou-March A, Serra F i Palou M.


XXVI Award for Scientific Career "Dr. Carles Martí Henneberg"

Danone Institute.

Prof. Andreu Palou.

Awardor to the best poster for "Metabolomic approach in milk from moderate calie-restricted rats during lactation: a potential link to the programming of a healthy phenotype in offspring".

X Symposium Ciber Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition - Obesity and Nutrition in the 21st Century.

Palou M, Torrens JM, Castillo P, Sánchez J, Palou A, Picó C.


Award in appreciation to a career of excellence in the nutrition field.

VIII CCNIEC Award "Ramon Turró".

Prof. Andreu Palou.

Award to the best oral communications of the clinical area, for "The evaluation of the genetic risk of inflammation can help to classify individuals at risk of elevated basal inflammatory state.

XIV Congress of the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO).

Galmés S, Cifre M, Palou A, Oliver P, Serra F.

Extraordinary Prize of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine.


Prof. Andreu Palou.


Best poster award.

IV Doctoral Conference of Group 9 of Universities (G-9).

Serrano A et al.


Santander-UIB prizes to the best PhD students of the UIB.

Catalina Amadora Pomar.


Award for the best scientific communication.

VII Symposium Ciber Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition.

Szostaczuk N et al.



Prize for best scientific communication on agricultural and food biotechnology.

Antama Organization.

Prof. Andreu Palou.

Santander-UIB Awards to the best master's students at the UIB.

Sebastià Galmes.

Prize for the best poster: "The increased risk of visceral obesity associated with the presence of certain allelic variants require nutritional strategies that consider the application of the information provided by nutrigenetics"- Pilot study of the CAIB population.

VI Congress of the Spanish Foundation of Dietitians-Nutritionists.

Galmés S et al.



XXIII DuPont Science Award for research career – Nutrition and Health edition.

Prof. Andreu Palou.

Santander-UIB Awards to the best PhD students at the UIB.

Juana María Torrens y Rocío Zamanillo. 


Santander-UIB postgraduate awards for the best UIB academic record.

Margalida María Cifre.

Award for the best scientific communication.

IV CIBERobn Symposium.

Palou M et al.


Award for the scientific and professional career.

Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity.

Prof. Andreu Palou.

VII Nutrition and Health National Award.

University of Navarra.

Prof. Andreu Palou.