Nutrigenomics and Obesity

The research group of this laboratory, Nutrigenomics and Obesity, led by Prof. Andreu Palou, focuses on the study of the control mechanisms of body weight and its alterations in obesity, on energy homeostasis control and aspects related to food quality and safety.

Main research themes

  • Energy balance control: food intake, energy efficiency and adaptive thermogenesis
  • Metabolic imprinting. Epigenetics
  • The new role of leptin: breast milk, nutrigenomic biomarkers and prevention of obesity and its complications
  • Cellular proliferation and differentiation control: adipogenesis

  • Food quality and safety
  • New foodstuffs, Nutrition and Health Claims and novelties in food in the EU

Furthermore, various projects are carried out in collaboration with national and multinational companies which are at the forefront of food and health R&D&I (Danone, Unilever, Coca-Cola, Bioibérica, Puleva, Biosearch, Food Compliance, K&L Gates…).


The scientific and research path of the group has allowed for a number of collaborations with national and international groups of excellence. Here you can find more information on some of the projects in which the group is involved, recent publications and prizes obtained: