Former PhD students


Dr. Heriberto Castro: Undergraduate and graduate professor at the School of Public Health and Nutrition, University of Nuevo Leon (Monterrey, Mexico). He is involved in research projects in the Laboratory of Genetics and Molecular Biology of the same university. He obtained his PhD at the LBNB in 2016.






Dra. Nora López: Coordinator of clinical trials in the oncology department at the Teaching Hospital Son Espases (FISIB-IDISPA). She is currently collaborating with the research group "Advanced Therapies and Biomarkers in Clinical Oncology Group" - oncology service, Son Espases - through the project "Detection of mutations of the EGFR gene in circulating tumor DNA samples from patients with lung cancer by the development of a digital PCR technique". She obtained her PhD at the LBNB in 2015.


Dra. Bàrbara Reynés: Researcher from the CIBER of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn). She works at the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Nutrition and Biotechnology (UIB), where she studies a fraction of blood cells as a source of biomarkers of obesity, metabolic recovery and the browning process. She obtained her PhD at the LBNB in 2015.






Dra. Hana MusinovicJunior Officer at the Advisory Forum and Scientific Cooperation Unit (European Food Standards Agency, EFSA). Interaction with authorities of EU Member States, countries outside the EU and international organisations. She obtained her PhD at the LBNB in 2013. Conference of Dr. Hana Musinovic for the Masters in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition. 




Dr. Jaume Amengual: Researcher and associate lecturer at the Department of Medicine at New York University (New York, United States). He studies cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis and lipoprotein secretion. He obtained his PhD at the LBNB in 2009.