Research team

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The research team is made up of four professors, three senior lecturers, one associate lecturer, two post-docs, 12 PhD students and 5 technicians, covering a wide range of specialities within the field of life sciences: biology, biochemistry, nutrition and dietetics, genomic sciences and food technology, among others.

University staff

Prof. Andreu Palou Oliver – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UIB). Head of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Nutrition and Biotechnology of the UIB (1995 - ) and of the NUO group (CIBERObn). Member of the CIBERobn Governing Board (2010 - ).

Prof. Catalina Picó Segura - Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UIB) and assistant director of the LBNB. Member of the Scientific Committee of the AECOSAN (2011-2015). Her research focuses on the interaction between diet and genes (nutrigenomics), epigenetics and metabolic programming of obesity, the relationship between diet and health, and on the identification of new health biomarkers. Deputy coordinator of the BIOCLAIMS project (2010-2015).

Prof. Francisca Serra Vich Professor of Nutrition and Food Science (UIB). National Expert at the General Office of Science, Research and Development, European Commission (Brussels) (1997-2000). Her research focuses on the molecular basis of obesity, including nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and epigenetics. R&D director of the first spin-off of the UIB (Alimentomica S.L.). 

Prof. Mº Luisa Bonet Piña – Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UIB). Senior researcher and scientific secretary of the LBNB. Her research focuses on the molecular and cellular basis of body weight and adiposity control and its interaction with food bioactive components; nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics and nutriepigenetics; relationship between diet and health; and functional foods for the control of obesity and its associated complications.  

Dra. Paula Oliver Vara – Senior lecturer in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UIB). Her research focuses on the molecular markers of the effects of diet and its compounds on metabolism and health, using blood cells, and the activation of brown adipose tissue for obesity prevention. Deputy coordinator of the Programme 5 on Biomarkers at CIBERobn.

Dr. Joan Ribot Riutort - Senior lecturer in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UIB). Specialist in Clinical Biochemistry. His research focuses on the molecular and cellular basis of weight and body adiposity control and the effects of active and functional compounds of food on these processes. Coordinator of the “Nutritional Biochemistry of the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Group”.

Dra. Ana Mª Rodríguez Guerrero - Senior lecturer in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (UIB). Her research focuses on the molecular basis of obesity and associated complications and its prevention through perinatal nutritional interventions, as well as metabolic regulation. Co-director of the Masters in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition, and secretary of the academic commission of the Inter-University PhD in Nutrigenomics and Personalised Nutrition.


Dra. Juana Sánchez RoigRamón y Cajal researcher (UIB). Her research focuses on the effects of maternal nutrition on neonatal development and on body weight in adulthood, as well as on the identification and characterisation of nutrigenomic biomarkers that can predict a “healthy phenotype” which is protective of the development of overweight/obesity and its associated complications.

Dra. Bàrbara Reynés Miralles – CIBERobn researcher. Her research focuses on a fraction of blood cells which could serve as a good source of biomarkers for obesity development, metabolic recovery and browning.

PhD students

Nara Jimena Szostaczuk – CAIB PhD fellowship

Andrea Arreguín – ProDep PhD fellowship (Mexico)

Margalida Maria Cifre Calafat – FPI PhD fellowship

Catalina Amadora Pomar Oliver – FPU PhD fellowship

Alba Serrano Bengoechea - PhD student

Sebastià Galmés Monroig – CAIB PhD fellowship

Andrea Mosqueda – CONACYT PhD fellowship (Mexico) 

Bojan Stojnic - UIB PhD fellowship

Teresa Yau – FPU PhD fellowship

Alberto Ángel Martín – Fundación Carolina PhD fellowship (Colombia)


Enzo Ceresi - CIBER contract 

Paula Núñez Polo - Lab technician 

Miguel García Gabilondo - Lab technician 

Pere Josep Pons Vives - Technical assistant

Alice Chaplin - Technical assistant

Alimentomica S.L.

Prof. Andreu Palou Oliver – Scientific director

Prof. Francisca Serra Vich – R&D director

Andreu Palou March – Executive director

Dra. Mariona Palou March – PhD researcher

Dra. Bàrbara Reynés Miralles – Torres Quevedo researcher

Dr. Sebastià Galmés Monroig – PhD researcher

Dr. Gabriel Vidal Sitges –  "Felip Bauçà fellowship" researcher

Marta Alonso Bernáldez – FPU PhD candidate researcher

Raúl Gil Caraballo - Research technician 

Margalida Adrover Vidal - Research technician